Your Appointment

Here's What You Can Expect at Your Consultation.

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Initial Consult

During your initial consultation, your doctor will discuss your injury or condition, ask you some questions about your health and any previous injuries or issues, and conduct a physical examination. For ease of examination, we recommend wearing loose clothing (e.g. shorts or singlet) around the affected area. We have changing areas where you can change into shorts or more comfortable clothing if needed. Your doctor will also review any scans or other information you may have.

After this initial assessment, your doctor may recommend getting some tests or scans performed to assist with diagnosing your condition. In this case, we would also arrange a follow-up to go over the results of these tests. This is generally done in person but can be done via a secure online platform (Telehealth).

If we can diagnose you on the day, your doctor will also set you up with a treatment programme, refer you on to other specialists (like a physio or surgeon) as needed, and book you in for a follow up consultation to check on progress.

In many circumstances though, your diagnosis will not be available until you come in for a follow up consultation.

Follow Up Consult

These consultations allow us to discuss the results of any relevant imaging studies or assess your treatment response. If things are not progressing as well as anticipated, the treatment plan can be amended to try to make sure that things remain on track and that you recover as quickly as possible.