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Osteoarthritis Clinic

Through the use of exercise, diet and other proven non-operative treatments for osteoarthritis, you can stay active, or get back to being active again.

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Personalised Just For You

You will be guided and supported through a programme designed specifically for you by our team of medical experts, whose aim is to improve your wellbeing.

Reduce Pain

Exercise rehabilitation is scientifically proven to lower pain.

Restore Vitality

Regular exercise can reduce medication dependence, and maintain your independence.

Reduce Weight

Weight loss of 10% can reduce pain by more than half.

Conditions We Treat

Exercise is beneficial not just for overall health; often, it can be more effective than many of the most commonly prescribed medications. Physical activity has proven evidence to support its effectiveness in conditions such as:

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Cardiovascular Disease

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Type 2 Diabetes

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Neurological Disorders

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Pulmonary Disease

You Have Two Treatment Options:

1. We Work With You

  • A Dedicated 12-Week Programme
    Our team works alongside you to design and implement your treatment programme. This includes initial consultations (with a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Dietitian), assessments, access to our gym, monitored training sessions, and any programme adjustments that may be needed.
  • Keeping You Motivated
    Perfect if you need the weekly commitment to do the programme, or are nervous about starting exercising and would like someone working alongside you.
  • Gym Access Included
    You'll have access to our private state of the art rehab gym so that you can work out in comfortable surroundings with the support of our team. 
  • Investment
    Starts at $170 per week*

2. You Do It Yourself

  • A One-Off Consultation
    You have a one-off consultation and assessment, after which your programme is developed. The ongoing management is left to you.
  • Work Where You Want
    Ideal if you live out of town, can't make it into our clinic every week, or prefer to do the programme at home or in your gym.
  • Investment
    The one-off consultation package is $350*

*Exact costs may vary depending on your insurance. Please check with your provider for your level of cover.

Additional Treatments

As part of our service, we can recommend other treatments to compliment your programme, please feel free to ask our team about any of the following:

  • Orthopaedic Surgery
    If rehabilitation does not look viable, we can arrange for an Orthopaedic Surgeon to discuss possible surgical options.

  • Pain Relief
    In some circumstances you may benefit from prescribed pain relief which can then assist you in building up your activity levels.

Treatment Costs

Starts at $170 per week. Total cost depends on your selected treatment option and your insurance policy.

Clinic Times and Locations

Our osteoarthritis clinics are available at both our Auckland locations: St Johns & Wairau Valley

Frequently Asked Questions

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