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A lot of our services are covered (or partially covered) by ACC, or if you have it, your health insurance.

For ACC coverage, if your injury is new and was the result of an accident, then there’s a good chance you will be eligible for funding. Speak to us beforehand if you are unsure.

For health insurance, there are significant differences between providers and policy types. We recommend speaking with your provider for a definitive answer.



ACC Appointments:

ACC will help pay for a range of medical, health and treatment costs if they accept cover for your injury. In some cases, ACC will only pay for a portion of the full cost of treatment, and a surcharge may be required. Surcharges may vary according to clinic location and the qualifications and expertise of the physiotherapist.

Patients with injuries being seen under an Integrated Care Pathway will not have surcharges applied.

Initial Consultation Surcharges

·    Physiotherapist - $50

·    Vestibular Physiotherapist - $100

·    Respiratory Physiotherapist - $100

·    Specialist Sports Physiotherapist – No Charge (Fully funded by ACC with a referral)

Follow up Consultation Surcharges

·    Physiotherapist - $45 ($60 for an extended consultation)

·    Vestibular Physiotherapist - $75

·    Respiratory Physiotherapist - $75

·    Specialist Sports Physiotherapist - No Charge (Fully funded by ACC with a referral)

Telehealth Consultation Surcharges

·    Physiotherapist - $20

·    Other sub-speciality physiotherapists - $50

·    Specialist Sports Physiotherapist - No Charge(Fully funded by ACC with a referral)

Private Appointments:

Initial Consultation

·    Physiotherapist - $100

·    Vestibular Physiotherapist - $150

·    Respiratory Physiotherapist - $150

·    Specialist Sports Physiotherapist - $480(requires a referral)

Follow up Consultations

·    Physiotherapist - $75

·    Vestibular Physiotherapist - $110

·    Respiratory Physiotherapist - $110

·    Specialist Sports Physiotherapist - $240


·    Physiotherapist - $50

·    Other sub-speciality physiotherapists - $75

·    Specialist Sports Physiotherapist - $240


Sport and Exercise Medicine

If you have been referred to us, there is a good chance your consultation will be covered either by ACC or your health insurance provider.

In some circumstances, your problem maybe more complex and require a longer consultation. Complex consultations are charged at a higher rate, but are generally still covered by ACC or your insurance provider.

We will advise you of what you can expect to pay at the time of booking.


ACC Appointments

If you have a referral from your physiotherapist, doctor or another ACC registered practitioner, ACC will generally cover the full cost of your visit.

Charges may apply for materials or procedures that are listed below when they sit outside the scope for coverage.


Private Appointments

·    Complex Initial Consultation (neck, back, hip, thigh, or multiple injury sites) - $450

·    Initial Consultation - $240

·    Complex Follow-up Consultation - $240

·    Follow-up Consultation - $160


Health Insurance Cover

In many cases, your appointment will be covered by your private medical insurance provider however we recommend speaking with them for a definitive answer on what your policy includes.



Nutrition services are not currently covered by ACC or by every medical insurer. We recommend speaking with your provider for a definitive answer on whether your policy covers input from a Dietitian.

·      Initial Consultation - $400

·      Follow up Consultations - $200

·      High Performance Plan (Initial + 3x Follow up consultations) - $800



Each treatment costs $135 per session ($200 for bilateral injuries).

In almost all cases, an initial course of three treatments is recommended.

In most cases, this treatment is not funded by ACC.


Compartment Pressure Test

A Compartment Pressure Test (CPT) costs $840 (including $350 worth of materials).

CPT is not currently covered by ACC or by all medical insurers. Insurance will generally not cover the materials fee.

There may also be an additional fee for a consultation before the procedure.



We offer a range of different types of injections and some of these will incur an additional charge.

Please speak to our team to clarify any costs prior to booking these procedures.