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The Support and Expertise You Need

To be seen at this interdisciplinary clinic you need to be referred to us by a GP, Emergency Medicine or Urgent Care Doctor. Once we have received your referral, our expert concussion team will guide and support you through your recovery. If you have recently suffered a sports related concussion you may be better suited to our Sports Concussion Clinic.

Identify Your Needs

Our team of concussion experts will review your concussion and design a rehabilitation program just for you.

Reduce Your Symptoms

Through specialised care and a customised rehabilitation plan, we aim to reduce your current symptoms as well as your long-term risks of recurrence.

Support Your Recovery

You’ll have a dedicated member of our team by your side throughout your rehabilitation.

Conditions We Treat

Exercise is beneficial not just for overall health; often, it can be more effective than many of the most commonly prescribed medications. Physical activity has proven evidence to support its effectiveness in conditions such as:

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Cardiovascular Disease

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Type 2 Diabetes

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Neurological Disorders

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Pulmonary Disease

How does it work?

  • Introduction
    First, you will be assigned a team member who will meet with you to understand your needs, and what assessments are required to better understand your concussion.
  • Assessments and review
    You will then go through a series of assessments while also having your case reviewed by our team.
  • Bespoke rehabilitation plan
    Based on the results of the assessments, and the recommendations of our team, a rehabilitation plan will be developed specific to your circumstances.
  • Ongoing support
    Your designated team member will then work with you during your rehabilitation, check you are progressing as we expect and ensure you get further support from our team if/when required.

What is an interdisciplinary team?

In some cases recovery is not straightforward and can require specialised care, which is why we have brought together an interdisciplinary team of medical and health experts with a variety of skill sets who we can call on to assist with your treatment. These providers could include:

  • Sport and Exercise Physicians
  • Neurologists
  • Vestibular Physiotherapists
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Nurses

How do I get referred to your clinic?

You need a standard GP referral or a Concussion Services referral (form found here) to be completed by your GP (this cannot be completed by a physio) and sent us at referrals@axissportsmedicine.co.nz.

Treatment Costs

With an ACC approved referral, services provided under the ACC Concussion Service are fully funded.

Clinic Times and Locations

We have availability across the week at all of our Auckland clinics

Monday to Friday - St Johns

Monday to Friday - Wairau Valley

Monday to Friday - St Lukes

Monday to Friday - Queenstown

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral?

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How do I identify and manage a suspected concussion?

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