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Concussion Baseline Screening

Your brain is unique. Know it's ‘normal’ state so should you suffer a concussion, your treatment can be personalised, and your recovery accurately assessed, based on what we already know. Meaning a safer return to activity.

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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late. Get Assessed Now.

You will be seen by our team of concussion experts and taken through a series of internationally recognised tests, so we know where your baseline is.

Baseline Test

You will undergo a series of simple assessments to measure your brain function in its normal state.

Know Your Normal

We will have an accurate understanding of what we would consider your ‘normal function’. This info will be safely stored by us and can be shared with other medical professionals.

Personalised Care

Should you suffer a concussion, your baseline scores can be referred to so that a more personalised assessment, treatment and return to activity plan can be made.

Conditions We Treat

Exercise is beneficial not just for overall health; often, it can be more effective than many of the most commonly prescribed medications. Physical activity has proven evidence to support its effectiveness in conditions such as:

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Cardiovascular Disease

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Type 2 Diabetes

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Neurological Disorders

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Pulmonary Disease

What is involved?

When you are seen by one of our concussion experts, we will assess the vital brain functions that may be impacted by a concussion. The assessments we use may include the following:

  • Vestibular Ocular Motor (NeuroFlex® testing)
    We are currently the only clinic in NZ to offer industry-leading NeuroFlex assessment (as used by the likes of FIFA, and World Rugby). You wear a set of virtual reality googles that allows us to create a ‘snapshot’ of your brain’s function through measurement of your eye movements and reaction time.
  • Balance (Balance & postural sway tests)
    A simple test or the use of force plate technology to capture data about your balance and postural sway responses.
  • Cognitive (Simple Reaction time tests and Cognigram test)
    We use a digital cognitive assessment tool called Cognigram to inform us of your cognitive functioning, or how your brain thinks. This is the same tool used by the All Blacks.
  • Medical history pre-screen
    This covers your medical history (especially concussions), concussion symptoms, mental health, and how you sleep.

Why is baseline screening important?

Everyone's brain function is slightly different, and what we consider normal for 1 person may not be normal for you. Without baseline testing, we compare your results to a pool of data collected from other people. This gives us a range that we would expect your results to fall into. Understanding your specific ‘normal’ or ‘baseline’ means we can compare your current function to where you should be. Patients also often feel better (i.e. their symptoms have passed) before their brain has fully recovered. By understanding your individual baseline we can design more effective treatments and better determine when you are recovered. It means a safer return to sport because we know that those who have suffered a concussion are at a higher risk of suffering a subsequent one, and even have a higher risk of suffering other injuries post-concussion.

If you are an athlete concerned about the risks of multiple concussions, having an accurate, objective baseline is one of the safest ways to monitor for change.

What information will I be provided?

Your information will be securely stored in our system, for use by our team should you suffer an injury. You will receive a summary of the results.

We can also provide the full reports to any medical professional that you specify.

Concussion treatment

Baseline Screening is part of an overall concussion treatment service we provide at Axis. If you have (or suspect you have) suffered a concussion you can be seen at either of our two concussion services.

Sports Concussion Clinic – This is strictly for sports-related concussions with a referral within 4 weeks of the injury date. You can generally be seen by a doctor within a week of your referral to start your recovery as quickly as possible.

ACC Concussion Service – This is for more complex concussions and requires a referral from your GP (or other doctor, e.g. Urgent Care or Emergency Department doctor). This service brings together a team of concussion experts to support you back to health.

Baseline testing for sports teams

Having your whole team assessed can be an important part of your overall healthcare plan and is something we can help with. We can arrange for team members to come into the clinic, or potentially we can come to you to undertake the assessments over a set period of time. Assessment of your whole team in one place at one time is the most cost-effective way to do this.

Please contact us for pricing for your team.

Wondering how you might fund this? Some teams have applied for a charity grant, or even sought sponsorship for their team to receive baseline testing.

Treatment Costs

  • NeuroFlex Assessment – $50. This will provide objective measurement of your brain function through your eye movements using the NeuroFlex assessment.

  • Comprehensive Assessment (Recommended) - $229. This will provide a more detailed baseline assessment based on a number of tests (NeuroFlex, Balance testing, Cognitive assessment) as well as Medical History Survey.

Clinic Times and Locations

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at our St Johns clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

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