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Covid-19 / Coronavirus

How We Are Operating in a Covid-19 Environment

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As an essential service we acknowledge that we have a duty of care to protect our patients and our staff from the spread of COVID-19. Our clinics do not have a location where symptomatic patients can be safely seen. As a result we will not see patients in the clinic who have respiratory symptoms.

New Patients

Regardless of level of COVID-19 within the community, initial appointments may be either face-to-face or via telehealth.

A telehealth appointment may work well for an initial consultation (or when you become unwell) and we've had positive feedback on these types of consultations from our patients. Our doctors believe that most of the information necessary to make a diagnosis can be gleaned from the conversation they have with their patients, rather than the clinical examination or imaging studies. So it can be a great way to start your treatment.

The purpose of the telehealth consultation is to establish your individual needs and to plan further treatment or assessment. Having an initial appointment via telehealth does not preclude any patient from having a subsequent face to face appointment.

To make an appointment, you can call 09 521 9846 or email

Face to Face Appointment Guidelines

When attending a face to face appointment in the clinic there are a few things you can expect to help protect our patients and our staff:

Your doctor will be masked, wearing gloves and will maintain physical distancing except when performing their examination and will avoid prolonged close contact.

If you have any questions you can contact the clinic by emailing or calling 09 521 9846.

* Mask exemptions: We respect the fact that patients may be unable to wear a mask. If you have a mask exemption, please state this clearly at the time of booking your Face to Face appointment. This will enable us to put further measures in place to keep everyone safe within the clinic environment. For example, we may request that you wait in your car until called into the practice when the clinician is ready.