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PRP Treatment


PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) is a safe, non-operative procedure that can be an effective treatment for some injuries. At Axis, the majority of PRP injections we perform are for cartilage injuries in the knee, hip or ankle, as well as the treatment of osteoarthritis. We also use PRP to treat tendon injuries including Achilles or patellar tendinopathy, tennis/golfers elbow, trochanteric pain or plantar fasciitis.


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How does it work?

PRP involves the taking of a small sample of your blood, placing it in a centrifuge and separating out the part of the blood with the highest concentration of platelets. The platelets contain proteins called growth factors which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. They also have a role in the healing of injuries. We then reinject the platelets back into the injured area. Studies have shown that the increased concentration of growth factors in PRP can help manage the symptoms associated with some injuries. There are a variety of treatment protocols and processes described in the medical literature. In most cases, we follow a simple process based on a paper showing that one injection is as effective as multiple injections.


How can I get PRP?

It’s easy to book in and arrange for PRP treatment with our team (either call 09 521 9846 or email We are happy to take referrals from other specialists (for example an orthopaedic surgeon or rheumatologist) or can arrange for you to see one of our team to see whether PRP is appropriate for you. PRP is one of a range of treatments that can be used to treat tendon or cartilage injuries, and we need to make sure that this treatment is suitable for you. If you are already seeing one of the Axis team, ask us if we think PRP could assist in your recovery.


How much does it cost?

A PRP injection costs $500. This includes the kit needed to prepare the PRP as well as the procedure itself. PRP is not covered by ACC and is not covered by all medical insurers.


How long does it take?

Your appointment will take approximately 45 minutes and will involve having blood taken, a short wait while the PRP is being prepared, followed by an injection into the injured or painful area.


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