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New Expanded Service for our Concussion Clinic

As you may know, we run an Acute Sports Concussion Clinic at both of our Auckland sites.  This is an interdisciplinary clinic that involves an assessment from a doctor and physiotherapist (as well as input from other clinicians as needed). While many of our patients are referred to this service, no referral is needed. The clinic is supported by our ACC Concussion Service, for those who do not get better or who have more complex needs.  

We have recently decided to expand our Acute Concussion Service to include all patients who have sustained a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury, not just sport-related injuries.

How does the clinic work?

  1. Their injury must have been sustained within 14 days of making their appointment.
  2. We aim to see each patient, within a week of their injury, and start their treatment.
  3. All patients are seen by a doctor and a vestibular physiotherapist.
  4. They will be thoroughly assessed for concussion and given a treatment plan.
  5. If they do not improve as expected they can be seen by our interdisciplinary team.
  6. The clinic is fully subsidised by ACC / there is no cost for the patient.

Our approach to recovery

Historically the most widely prescribed treatment for concussion was complete rest. Over the past decade, it has become clear that this can make it less likely that a patient will recover quickly. While in most cases, it is still important to rest to some extent, it is increasingly recognised that taking a more proactive approach to treatment is beneficial.

At Axis, we employ this 'Active Recovery’ approach. This generally involves physical activity, physiotherapy techniques, and other treatments tailored to the patient's individual needs and symptoms. International research, including data collected at our clinics, has clearly shown that this approach leads to a more rapid and reliable recovery.

What we have learnt

As part of running an acute concussion service over the past few years, we have learnt a great deal about concussion and how to manage patient recovery.

Some of the key learnings have been:

  1. Patients recover slightly more slowly than previously thought - only 50% are back to normal at 2 weeks.
  2. 95% of our patients were back to normal within 8 weeks.

Further details of our findings can be found in this research paper worked on by members of our concussion team.

How to refer your patients

If you have a patient who you suspect may have suffered a concussion, refer to us now by emailing We can see them within a week of their booking. To ensure your referral is prioritised, please note Acute Concussion Referral in the subject line.

If you have any questions regarding our concussion service or other services we offer please feel free to get in touch.