Introducing our dedicated Female Athlete Health Clinic

Do you know an athlete or have a patient suffering from Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) / Female Athlete Triad issues?

These issues are extremely common in elite, sub-elite and recreational athletes and can affect a range of age groups. Issues may present as in a number of ways. These range from the more classic presentation of a female endurance runner with recurrent stress fractures, to more subtle presentations of an underperforming athlete, where poor nutritional practices and erratic periods may be noted. Body mass index (BMI) is not always a good guide, as athletes may have a normal BMI.

In response to this Dr Sarah Beable is running a sub-specialist monthly clinic in female athlete health at both our North Shore (Thursday) and Merton Road (Friday) locations.

Sarah has extensive experience in this area of sports medicine, and as a former athlete herself has a good understanding of the pressures and issues that women can face.

“Optimising menstrual function and ‘energy availability’ is critical in the management of active females. ‘Energy availability’ plays a significant role not only in terms of performance and recovery but more crucially in the maintenance of basic body systems. Early diagnosis and treatment is important as it improves overall health and well-being and prevents future health issues.” Says Dr Beable.

Many athletes and patients could benefit greatly from her unique expertise in this subspecialist area.

  • Referrals should be sent to
  • Initial appointments last approximately 45 minutes, with follow-ups 30 minutes
  • Patients will be required to complete some pre-appointment paperwork beforehand.