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Covid19 Alert Level 4 Patient Update

The majority of our consultations will be converted to telehealth (video-consults). Our team will be in touch via SMS regarding the status of your upcoming appointments and with access instructions.

We will still be operating throughout the lockdown period but conducting our consultations via Telehealth (telephone or video conference), so you can stay at home, but continue to receive expert care from the Axis team.

All current appointments are still in place. If you have a question please email Please note our phone lines are extremely busy at the moment so email is the best contact method, our team will respond within 24 hours.

What is Telehealth?

It is a private and secure way to have consultation with your doctor without having to physically be in the room. All you need is a phone, or preferably a computer or tablet.

Is it any good?

We’ve had really positive feedback on the consultations from our patients. They’re really happy they don’t need to come into the clinic but can still receive a diagnosis and some advice on managing their problem within the current environment.

Our team are really experienced and can often tell a lot about your injury by taking a full history, asking a few key questions and seeing the way you’re moving or are restricted in your movement on screen.

We have been doing this type of consult for a long time - it’s not just because of the lockdown. In fact our team manage many of New Zealand’s elite athletes overseas in this manner.

Shouldn’t I just wait until the lockdown is over?

The best thing we can do is begin working on your problem as quickly as possible.

Not only can we diagnose your issue earlier, but we can still arrange imaging and further investigate the problem as needed.  We can also prescribe medication, arrange work certificates and create a treatment plan.

When the lockdown is over, we can also follow you up again in person if necessary.