COVID19 Level 1 Update. Consultations will be conducted in clinic but with the option of telehealth (video-consults). We ask that patients wear a mask and bring a max of one support person. For more details click here.


Referring during Covid19


Our clinics are open to see patients in person as required. However, in order to reduce the COVID-19 risk to our patients and staff, we will still be conducting many of our consultations via Telehealth (phone or video call). Decisions on face to face consultations will be made by our clinicians on a case by case basis.

Please continue to refer your patients to us as you have been. 

Our admin team is working as normal to help with anything you may need. Any questions please email


What does this mean for you?


If you have referred us a patient, nothing changes.

We will still be able to see them, so there's no need for them to cancel or postpone.

Patients will be able to attend their consultation either from their home (securely through our Telehealth platform) or by visiting our clinic for a face to face appointment. Telehealth may still be the best solution for patients while we work to understand their problem. During Alert Level 2 we are aiming to minimise the number of patients in our clinic, so we lower the risk of infection for our staff and patients.


If you have a patient you would like to refer to us, please do this.

The best thing we can do right now is to continue to help and treat these patients.

You can continue to refer through to us in the same way you always have (email


There are benefits to referring now
Short Wait Times and Quick Turnaround

Currently, we have availability to see new patients within 2 weeks (often less) and can have them turned around and back to you for follow up treatment within days. So your patient can have an accurate diagnosis and progress to treatment far faster than usual.

Fast Access to Imaging

Radiology services are still mostly operational, and for many of our patients, the wait time can be almost non-existent. We have been able to do same day bookings for the likes of MRI. So now is a great time to have your patient referred, imaged, diagnosed and back to you quicker than you can imagine.

Assistance with Analgesics

Helping patients manage their discomfort until other forms of treatment are easier to access, maybe the best avenue right now. We can assist in diagnosing and prescribing the most suitable analgesic in a quick and timely manner.


If you're busy and struggling to see all your patients, we can help.

We know many of you will be stretched now and in the coming weeks, we'd like to be able to ease some of that pressure by seeing your musculoskeletal injuries.

Remember that we also see non-sports related problems. Please ask your patient to contact us (either by calling 09 521 9846 or email and we'll take care of the rest, no referral is necessary as we'll have a team on hand to triage the injuries and suggest appropriate treatment.


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