Athletic Screening and Performance Enhancement

Athletes train to get as close as possible to a perfect performance. They are always striving to get an edge on their opponent and shave times of their personal best. The team at Axis Sports Medicine Specialists can help athletes achieve their performance goals.

At Axis we support athletes using an athlete centred multi-disciplinary approach. Our specialists have extensive experience working with elite sport and know exactly what it takes to support an athlete to very top of their game.


Pre-exercise screening is recommended by High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ), the IOC, FIFA and other major sporting bodies. The aim of screening is to detect risk factors associated with injury and disease. Screening tests are sport-specific, ranging from blood tests looking for low iron levels, to biomechanical testing for at risk movement patterns. 

The goal is to optimise performance and reduce the risk of injury.


A certain degree of fatigue is normal in an athlete training hard for their sport or event. However, excessive and persistent fatigue and feelings of lethargy associated with reduced sporting performance, can indicate a more serious problem.  There are many possible causes of fatigue. Our specialists are experts at diagnosing and managing these conditions. 

Located in Auckland, our goal is making your goals happen.


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