COVID19 Level 1 Update. Consultations will be conducted in clinic but with the option of telehealth (video-consults). We ask that patients wear a mask and bring a max of one support person. For more details click here.


Injury Treatment


Whether its competing to win or exercising for fun, sport and exercise play an important role in our lives. That's why being injured can be incredibly frustrating. Even simple pleasures like playing with the children or doing DIY all suffer when we break down. Life gets a little out of kilter without physical activity and our health and wellbeing suffer.

Our team

All of our sports medicine specialists have extensive experience working with elite athletes as part of a team of health professionals. We bring that same collegial approach to our treatment of recreationally active people. As sports physicians we work closely with surgeons, your general practitioner, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals in order to ensure you get comprehensive care.


We can arrange all imaging, including ultrasound CT and MRI scans, if we need further information to help solve your problem.

Located in Auckland, our goal is making your goals happen.


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