Female Athlete Health Clinic


Specialist clinic dedicated to improving the wellbeing and performance of female athletes

Are you suffering from fatigue, difficulty sleeping, weight loss, irregular menstrual cycles, frequent injuries? This could be classified as Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) / Female Athlete Triad issues. These issues are extremely common in elite, sub-elite and recreational athletes and can affect a range of age groups.

If this does sound familiar you could greatly benefit from a consultation at our dedicated Female Athlete Health Clinic.

Run by Dr Sarah Beable, who has extensive experience in this area of sports medicine. As a former athlete herself, she has a good understanding of the pressures and issues that women can face.

“Optimising menstrual function and ‘energy availability’ is critical in the management of active females. ‘Energy availability’ plays a significant role not only in terms of performance and recovery, but more crucially in the maintenance of basic body systems. Early diagnosis and treatment is important as it improves overall health and wellbeing and prevents future health issues.” Says Dr Beable.

Do I need a referral?

Yes, before seeing us you will need a referral from your physio, doctor, nurse or other medical professional.

Clinic Times

Monthly basis:

  • Thursday (Wairau Valley)
  • Friday (St Johns)

Make an appointment

Please give us a call on 09 521 9846.


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