COVID19 Level 1 Update. Consultations will be conducted in clinic but with the option of telehealth (video-consults). We ask that patients wear a mask and bring a max of one support person. For more details click here.


Concussion Clinic


You can’t just walk it off

All concussions are serious.


If you think you or someone else may have a suffered a concussion playing sport:

  • Don’t hide it
  • Take time to recover
  • Make an appointment with Axis urgently

Call 09 521 9846 or Email

It’s better to play it safe and have your injury assessed by an experienced professional before you return to play, than risk further injury.

We run Auckland’s most comprehensive sports concussion service, staffed by medical experts with vast experience in rugby and sports concussion. We aim to see patients within a week of the injury and consultations are free of charge*.

We offer an early accurate diagnosis, advice and follow up, as well as a structured return to sport, based on the national sporting code.

Appointments involve:

  • Thorough concussion history
  • Balance assessment
  • Clinical neurological and cervical spine examination
  • Cognitive function assessment

Your consultation is free*

*Consultations are free of charge so long as your appointment is within 10 days of your injury. 


Do I need a referral?

No referral is needed for activity-based concussions seen within 10 days of sustaining an injury.

Activity-based concussions booked more than 10 days after sustaining an injury will require a Concussion Services referral form (here) to be completed by your GP and sent to ACC so that they can allocate a provider for you.

Acute Concussion Clinic Times

  • Wednesday (Wairau Valley) 
  • Thursday (St Johns)

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