The current environment is making us all look at how we can continue to operate, stay busy and take care of our patients. It will require big adjustments, some creative thinking and a bit of determination, but by working together we can all benefit.

As an important part of our community, we'd like to share with you some of our thoughts and learnings in the hope that they can help you as well.

Join some of the Axis team and guests next week as we cover a wide array of topics.

And, if you have any questions, or requests for something to be covered, please let our Managing Partner Dr Mark Fulcher know by email


What Are We Covering?


Monday 30th March

Assessing the Knee via Telehealth

Mr Simon Young
Axis Sports Medicine Specialists

In this webinar Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Simon Young will discuss his approach to assessing patients with knee injuries using telehealth. This will include how to do a targeted clinical examination, identify issues which require emergency assessment and discuss indications for imaging.

Time: 8pm

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Tuesday 31st March

Analgesics and COVID-19

Dr Dan Exeter
Axis Sports Medicine Specialists

In this session Dr Dan Exeter will discuss how best to produce analgesia for your patients. He will discuss some logistical issues as well as the suggestion that some frequently prescribed medications may either increase the probability that a patient may contract COVID-19 or make their outcomes worse.

Time: 8pm

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Wednesday 1st of April

Radiology and COVID-19

Dr Steven Wood
Auckland Radiology Group

Dr Wood is the Managing Partner of Auckland Radiology Group. In this webinar he will discuss the rationing of radiology during the COVID-19 related shutdown, describe their approach to mitigating risk for their patients (and staff), and give you some practical guidelines for ordering imaging in the current climate.

Time 8pm

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Thursday 2nd of April

Marketing through Adversity

Simon Grigor

Volom Marketing

Join Simon Grigor from Volom Marketing, who has been working with us in our response to Covid-19 over the past week. He will be sharing some tips on communicating with our patients and partners, as well as offering some ideas on how we might be able to maintain a steady number of new patients.

Time: 8pm

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Friday 3rd of April

Telehealth Q&A

Dr Mark Fulcher
Axis Sports Medicine Specialists

It's been a little over a week since the lockdown and many of us have been learning about Telehealth and this new way of operating. Join Dr Mark Fulcher as he answers some of your questions and questions he and the team have been fielding.

If you have a question or a topic you'd like covered please let Mark know via email

Time: 1pm

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In Case You Missed It

Telehealth Consults
Tips to Get You Up and Running

Dr Mark Fulcher
Axis Sports Medicine Specialists

We recorded a recent webinar on Telehealth to help you get up and running.  Dr Mark Fulcher will highlight some simple and practical suggestions about how to implement a telehealth system at your practice, what administrative challenges this may present and provide tips on how to conduct a high-quality telehealth consult.

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